Lower Mountains
Motorcycle Club

1st November, 2023

2023 at LMMCC

Racing is on this weekend!

Join us for the final round of the 2023 season

Entries for the final round are open on ridernet. Our working bee will on Saturday 4th November.
Remember you must bring a person over age of 16 years old to do your flag marshal session on the Sunday

Take care stay safe.
See you all at Clarence soon.


Feburary 1, 2019


  • Memberships
  • Single membership - $40.00
  • Family membership - $60.00
  • Race fees
  • Senior - $40.00
  • Junior - $35.00
  • Nippers - $25.00
  • Extra Class - $10.00


Working bee's

There will be WORKING BEES on the Saturday prior to each race meeting. If people planning on attending would also bring shovels, chainsaws, hammers, pliers, axes etc and food and drinks for themselves. If more information is needed please contact the club